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ShopMateWeb Online and ShopMate Desktop - Best Automotive Business Accounting Database Software.

ShopMate Databases
ShopMate Desktop and ShopMateWeb Online databases are both Sql Server Databases but they are not compatible. Different concerns had to be addressed to suit database for the web operations. If you already have ShopMate Desktop and wish to use ShopMateWeb, work them side by side and slowly copy any data you need.
ShopMateWeb Software System - Cloud Based, Online Business Accounting Database Application
Welcome to Softhard Solutions ShopMateWeb Web Application, a simple to use, online accounting and business finance management services designed especially for small businesses and consumers. By visiting this web application for the first time, you are indicating you are looking for a small Business Accounting Software Program or Automotive Repair Workshop Accounting Software to manage your business the best possible way, the way you do business, right? Softhard Solutions's ShopMate Desktop Database System Package can handle almost any small to medium business.
ShopMateWeb Web Application is a scaled down version of ShopMate Desktop Application, retaining most of the functionality. Many business operators do not need all the functions that the ShopMate Desktop Application offers and they want to access their data anywhere in the world on any device like phone, tablet and laptop or desktop computers. ShopMateWeb Application will handle all this from the beginning to the end, thus making your shop administration far more interesting and less boring. You can work with ShopMateWeb Application on any device that has an internet browser and a connection to the Internet Network.

Mechanical Workshop Software Suitable Across the Globe

ShopMateWeb Web Application Software System is used in dozens of countries around the world and is suitable to be used across the globe. Set your profile to your country code and the system will automatically adapt to your location. We are also open to adding country specific features. If you'd like to get in touch with us about some features that are particular to your country, please let us know. ShopMateWeb Online Workshop Software is Suitable for these businesses:

  • Automotive Software for Auto Mechanical Workshops
  • Auto Repair software for Auto Repair Workshops
  • Auto electrical software for Auto Electricians
  • Reconditioning software for Reconditioning and Remanufacturing Businesses
  • Exhaust Software for Exhaust Specialists
  • Brake and Clutch Software for Brake & Clutch businesses
  • Suspension business software for Suspension Specialists
  • Any type of Automotive Repair Specialists
  • Tyre software for Tyre Outlets
  • Truck Repair Software for Truck Repairers
  • Marine Software for Marine and boat repairs
  • Motorcycle Software for Motorcycle and scooter repairs
  • Bicycle software for Bicycle repairers
  • Parts Software for Parts Retail and Wholesale
  • Farm machinery software for Farm machinery repairers
  • Heavy machinery software for Heavy machinery repairers
  • Caravan software for Caravan repairers
  • RV Software for RV repairers
  • Dismantling software for Auto Dismantlers / Wreckers
  • and many others
ShopMateWeb Web Application software is designed to help small businesses manage their:
  • Easy labour scheduling and job creation.
  • Invoices made in seconds.
  • Customer relations data.
  • Customer vehicles data.
  • Customer vehicle repair history.
  • Business activity statements.
  • Supplier relations data.
  • Orders made in seconds.
  • Product stock inventory.
  • Employees data for Invoices.
  • Employees data for Orders.
  • And much more...
Advantages of using ShopMateWeb Web Application software are enormous:
  • Save on expensive Data Servers infrastructure.
  • Save expensive time on Data Servers maintenance.
  • Save on expensive Computers infrastructure.
  • Connect all your branches to one Database with no extra cost.
  • Use any device having a browser capable of connecting to the Internet Network.
  • Your database is available 99.00% of time in a year from anywhere in the World.
  • Application is safe, all pages are encrypted using the https:// bank-level security.
ShopMateWeb Web Application is a high productivity Business Accounting Database Software Package with a built-in Automotive Business Software Component designed for the Automotive Transport Industry business environment, dealing with work on customer vehicles. When the Automotive Component part of ShopMateWeb is not used by Subscriber, any other business dealing with customers can use ShopMateWeb such as:
  • Small Business.
  • Home Business.
  • Tradesman Business.
  • And Similar Businesses.
Using ShopMateWeb for your valuable business will save you a lot of time and money. You do not even have to worry about backing up your Data. We keep 3 mirror copies of your database on separate data servers. If the currently serving Data Server goes down, next mirror copy kicks in without you even noticing the change.
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